What Does Huck the Dog Say? Roof! Meet the Roof Dog of Austin

Photo: Allie Lindenmuth

Huckleberry is a 5-year-old Golden Retriever that does things a little differently—like hang out on the roof!

When Allie and Justin Lindenmuth moved into their house in Austin, Texas, five years ago, they noticed there was only a 3-foot clearance from a hill in their backyard to their roof. The idea of their little puppy figuring out how to jump on the roof crossed their minds, but sure enough, Huckleberry figured it out in six months.

And this is how it happens, friends #hucktheroofdog

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“He now goes up every single time we let him outside,” Lindenmuth told CBS News. At first, neighbors were concerned that Huck was stuck on the roof, and Allie and Justin were averaging 6-8 calls a week from people letting them know Huck was stuck. But the couple only lets the Golden Retriever head to the top when someone is home. The one drawback to having a dog on the roof—it gets a little noisy with all that running around above.

Don’t Be Alarmed!

So, the couple put a sign on their front door that begins with, “Don’t be Alarmed!” explaining Huck the Roof Dog’s favorite past-time.

Photo: Allie Lindenmuth

Huck has turned into a bit of a celebrity around town, with curious onlookers driving by to catch a glimpse of the pooch and his Barkour acrobatics. Some fans will even come by to toss a treat to the Air Bud look-a-like. He doesn’t seem to mind.

Follow Huck the Roof Dog’s latest news on his very own Instagram here: @hucktheroofdog

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