Want a Pomsky? Here are 8 Things to Know….

The pomsky is a newer hybrid breed that people have been getting to know in the last few years. Being part-Pomeranian and part-Husky, these guys are completely lovable. They’re also one of our more popular breeds at My Little Puppy. Here are some facts about this designer-dog breed of pups.

1. Big or Small?

Pomskies weigh around 15-30 lbs. when they are fully grown. Not as small as the Pomeranian, but more compact than a Husky.

2. Common Coats

The most common colors are white, black or grey. Since they’re a hybrid breed, there are many variations of coat.

3. Great Personality

These guys tend to be good-natured, playful and full of energy, and are great for families with older children.

4. They’re Active!

They love exercise! Regular walks and trips to the dog park are ideal for Pomskies. Perfect for active people!

5. And Big Thinkers

Pomskies are smart pups. These cuties are quick to learn and love play. It’s important to give them regular playtime and exercise so they don’t get bored.

6. Pomskies Don’t Bark Much

They don’t bark much. They’re usually quieter pups, but they can be vocal if they sense an intruder.

7. They’re Great in Homes or Apartments

That trait, along with their smaller size, makes them great for people living in apartments.

8. And Very Photogenic

Get ready for lots of selfies. Every dog is cute, but Pomskies are ridiculously cuddly. Your photo feed might fill up with lots of puppy pics!

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