The Great Allergy Debate

All dog owners know how hard it is to sleep at night listening to the sound of your dog repeatedly licking his paws or shaking his head. Why is he doing that? He may also be showing other symptoms such as hives, or red and itchy skin. Maybe you’ve witnessed excessive scratching, or him rubbing his body against furniture or face into the carpet? Chances are he is allergic to fleas, or something in his diet or environment, and needs your help. read more

10 Foods That Are Poison for Dogs

Let’s face it, dogs are great at giving us the “puppy eyes” when they want to sample what we’re eating. Sharing healthy snacks like certain veggies and fruits is ok. But there are common foods that can be very dangerous for our dogs. Here is a list of ten foods that should never fall into the paws of your pup, and some warning signs if you think your dog may have eaten them read more