Maggie and Her Sidekick

Sometimes fate has a way of working out for the better. A case of fate is exactly what brought My Little Puppy sales associate, Maggie, and her dog, Remington James, together. Maggie happened across a woman that owned Remi, a Lhasa Apso, but could no longer take care of him and give him the attention that he needed. Remi was also bullied by the other two dogs that the lady owned. Maggie agreed to take in Remi to see how things would go. Fast forward almost a year and a half later and the two are inseparable! read more

The Great Allergy Debate

All dog owners know how hard it is to sleep at night listening to the sound of your dog repeatedly licking his paws or shaking his head. Why is he doing that? He may also be showing other symptoms such as hives, or red and itchy skin. Maybe you’ve witnessed excessive scratching, or him rubbing his body against furniture or face into the carpet? Chances are he is allergic to fleas, or something in his diet or environment, and needs your help. read more

Dish it Out!

This may seem like a trivial subject, however, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing a dish for your dog.

Most pet supplies stores offer various styles, costs, materials, sizes, and heights. How do you decide what would work best for you and your dog lifestyles? read more