7 New Year Resolutions For You And Your Dog

We’re just entering 2018, and most of us are starting the New Year writing resolutions. But resolutions can involve more than improvements for ourselves. We can make resolutions that involve our dogs, too. Here are fresh ways to approach the new year with your pup.

1. Start New Routines… Outside

Take the opportunity to find a new routine with your dog. This can be as simple as starting a new walking habit or a new hobby like hiking both of you can do together. Make it as easy or as challenging as you want, but give it a few months and see what a difference a new routine can make for the two of you.

2. Keep Meal-Size Consistent

Most of us make resolutions about getting in shape, and we can help our dog get fit also. A simple way to get healthier is to watch what we and our pups eat. Be mindful of the amount of food you’re giving your dog every day by being consistent with serving size. Starting with portions is a simple way to help our dog’s change their fitness.

3. Eat For Your Age

An older dog does not need as much food as a young, active pup. Look for age-specific food, and check with your Vet to make sure you’re providing the right amount for their age.

4. Leave Time to Play Every Day

This one’s equally important for you and your dog! Don’t forget to add a little playtime in your day for yourself and your dog. Fortunately, you can do this together. Play fetch and toss a ball around, go for a decent walk or jog, and who doesn’t like a quick game of tug-of-war? It will help you both relax, let go of the workday, and bond as buddies.

5. Schedule a Check-Up!

Go in for your annual check-up, and while you’re at it, send your dog for one! It’s easier to tell if something’s not right with yourself, but your dog isn’t always able to communicate their own situation to you. Contact your local vet and have your furry friend checked for the year.

6. Make New Friends

You don’t have to meet friends on your own — you can do it with your dog! Sign up with your pup for an obedience class, or make regular trips to the local dog park. You’ll meet other dog parents and your pooch will find new buddies to play.

7. Start the Year Looking Good

We all forget to groom our pups sometimes, but some dogs go a longer than they should between brushing. Help keep their coats nice and shiny, lower problematic shedding, and create a new way to bond with your pooch with regular brushing. They’ll look and feel good, and that will make you feel good!

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