The Puppy Experts Chat: Get Help Finding the Right Pup

How to pick the right puppy for your family

Here’s Part 2 of our chat with our puppy experts Louise and Ryan. We talk about how our experts can help you find the right addition to your family, and how your puppy gets to you!

We’re Here to Help

1. Can you help someone find the right puppy or breed?

Ryan: Some people that contact us know the puppy or the breed they want, but there are many who would love a puppy, but aren’t sure what the right breed is for them. We can help you figure out a breed that suits your preference and lifestyle, and suggest puppies that would be great.

Recently, someone called about finding a puppy for her son. She was looking for one that’s low-shedding or hypoallergenic, well-tempered, and playful with kids. We helped her find 5 breeds that fit her needs, and that allowed her to find the perfect puppy for her family. If you don’t know what kind of breed you’re looking for, we would love to help you find the perfect one.

Getting Your Pup to You

2. What is the basic process of finding the right puppy online to getting it home? How long does that usually take?

Ryan: Our top priority is the health of every puppy. Before they’re sent to their new homes, we make sure they are up-to-date on vaccinations and health checks. That takes about 3-5 days since we need to schedule with veterinarians. Overall, the process takes about a week.

Louise: It also depends on the age of the puppy. The puppies’ families want them a specific age and weight to ensure they’re healthy for the trip, so each puppy is a minimum of 8 weeks of age for travel.

3. How do I receive my puppy after purchase?

Louise: Puppies are precious cargo; we don’t just put them in a box and ship them off. The most common delivery is through pet-safe air transportation like United, American or Delta Airlines. The puppy travels in a kennel carrier in a climate-controlled environment during flight and while they’re being taxied to their destination. They’re never exposed to extreme weather conditions at any time.

Ryan: On the day of arrival, you can pick up your puppy at the pet receiving area, and we’ll provide the address for your specific airport. To ensure your pup’s safety, valid identification is required for pickup.

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