10 Foods That Are Poison for Dogs

Let’s face it, dogs are great at giving us the “puppy eyes” when they want to sample what we’re eating. Sharing healthy snacks like certain veggies and fruits is ok. But there are common foods that can be very dangerous for our dogs. Here is a list of ten foods that should never fall into the paws of your pup, and some warning signs if you think your dog may have eaten them read more

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Rumor - Winner of Westminster Dog Show

Rumor Takes Westminster Dog Show

Rumor posing for the camera during her big win at the 141st Westminster Dog Show

A Rumor has taken the 141st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, and it’s a German Shepherd.

5-year-old Rumor was soaking up the love this Valentine’s Day as she beat out 2,800 dogs across 202 breeds to be named the event’s Best in Show. She’s the second German Shepherd to win in the contest’s history, and the first since 1987. Rumor almost took the prize last year, but was upset by CJ, a German shorthaired pointer. read more

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