More of the Most Devoted Dogs

Max Taylor / AP

There are countless examples of devoted dogs showing love for their people. Occasionally, a pup will do something that goes beyond being devoted, but is downright super-heroic!  Here are a few more stories that show the amazing lengths some pups will go for their families.

Belle the 911-Calling Beagle

A devoted beagle named Belle had a couple of special life-saving talents. Her human parent, Kevin Weaver, had a very serious form of diabetes that the 17-lb. beagle helped monitor. Belle’s sense of smell had been trained to detect abnormalities in Kevin’s blood-sugar levels, and she regularly licked his nose to take readings of his sugar levels, pawing and whining at him if something seemed wrong. But in the summer of 2006, Kevin Weaver suffered a seizure and collapsed at home. Belle used her training to grab Kevin’s cell phone and bit down on the number 9. The number was programmed to dial 911, and alerted authorities of an emergency, saving Kevin’s life. The incredible beagle is just another example of how superheroes come in all shapes and size

Bobbie the Wonder Dog

Back in 1923, a Scotch Collie named Bobbie was on a family road trip from Silverton, Oregon to Indiana. Somehow, the dog became separated from the rest of the family and was lost. After looking for their pup, the family left Indiana broken-hearted without Bobbie. Six months later, Bobbie showed up at the family’s doorstep in Oregon, a little worse for wear, having walked 2,551 miles to get home. Bobbie crossed plains, mountains, and deserts at a rate of 14 miles a day to reunite with his family. He became a local hero in Silverton, Oregon, where his memory is celebrated in a local pet parade, and his story of devotion brought him fans from around the world.

Boydy the Loyal Australian Kelpie

Photo by Sydney Morning Herald

In 2013, Boydy’s companion Herbert Schutz became trapped under his vehicle after hitting a tree on his property. For four days Mr. Schutz remained pinned by the car, but Boydy never left his side, even laying on his parent at night to keep him warm. Concerned neighbors found the pair with Boydy not wanting to leave Mr. Schutz for a moment. “Even when we found him, the dog ran straight to his side and cuddled up to him. He didn’t want to leave him even then,” said his neighbor Eric Merritt. Mr. Schutz believed his devoted pal Boydy saved his life, and was the reason they both survived the four-day ordeal

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