Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Puppy

The holidays are here and Christmas is just a few days away. While you’re out finding gifts for your friends and family, don’t forget to think about your favorite pup! Here are some holiday gift ideas that your dog is sure to love.

  1. Their First Kong Toy

Kong toys can be a great way to motivate your dog with food and get their brains working. Just put a little dry food or treat in the center of the rubber toy, and seal it with some peanut butter. Your dog will love trying to get what’s inside and will exercise their bodies and brain and the same time!

  1. A Comfortable Dog Teepee

Hey, what dog doesn’t like a nice, comfy place to snuggle during the holidays? A teepee is a great way to add some design to your home while giving your pup a wonderful place to relax. And you can even take it outside in the summer!


  1. Taco Bout a Cool Gift

This taco has squeaky insides velcroed in a crinkly shell. Your dog is going to go loco over this one.

  1. Chuckit Ball Thrower

Here’s another classic gadget that’s great for dogs and their parents! The Chuckit ball thrower can help you toss balls to your pup easier and farther without ever having to pick up the ball with your hands.


  1. iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher

Take fetch to another level by letting your dog do the tossing to himself! Dogs can drop tennis balls into the iFetch and it will shoot them out to distances of 10 to 30 feet!

  1. Give Them Bacon

Well, a bacon-flavored chew toy. Benebone makes a wishbone flavored with real bacon. I wonder if they make them for humans, too?

  1. Kong + Cute Animal = Kong Wubba Friend

These have to be some of the weirdest looking toys for your pup, but they blend their favorites: a kong rubber toy inside with a cute animal on the outside. They come in different lengths and animals, like bears, foxes and kangaroos.

  1. Your Dog on Socks

That’s right, get your dog’s cute mug printed on a pair of sweet socks! This gift is kind of cheating because it’s really for you, but c’mon, any dog would appreciate this devotion.

  1. Rope Chew!

Tug of war, throw it, whatever, dogs love ‘em. Rope toys are a paw-fect toy for a pup, and so versatile. Plus, they can help floss your dog’s teeth!

  1. Monthly Pup Snacks

You can always get your dog a subscription to BarkBox, a monthly snack service that sends a box of different treats and toys each month. The service provides specialty boxes with themes like the 90’s, New York City, and Christmas!  

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