How to Celebrate New Years With Your Most Loyal Friend

Raise your paw if you think New Year’s Eve celebrations are costly and over-dramatized. That is exactly why Callie Woods, our puppy specialist, says you should ring in the New Year with your pooch! Plus, he’ll love that midnight kiss! Toast to 2018 with your best furry friend, and follow Callie’s tips on making sure he has a great night.

1. Host a Dog Pawty

Leave the stress of dressing up and booking reservations for someone else, and invite your closest friends over for a dog-friendly party! Make sure there are enough treats on hand, and even get creative by setting up a home-made obstacle course!

2. Glam Your Pup Up

If you would like to dress up for the New Year, even if it’s staying in for the night, you can always include your pup! Use your extra Christmas tinsel to craft up a boa or scarf to loosely tie around your pup’s neck. A classy, but simple, bow-tie or strand of pearls would beautify any already cute puppy.

3. Keep it Quiet(er)

Fireworks and New Years Eve celebrations go hand-in-hand, usually to the dismay of your four-legged friend. Keep the noise down at home, or distract your pup with the or music. If your pets have extreme anxiety, consider getting them a stress-relieving shirt or jacket.

4. Dog-Friendly Treats and Mocktails

Snacks and drinks are a must for New Year’s celebrations, so don’t leave your pup out of the festivities. Whipping up a batch of dog-friendly treats can be as easy as freezing Greek yogurt. You can also enjoy a watermelon cocktail while your pup laps up a mocktail version.

5. Make NYE Resolutions Together

Start 2018 on the right foot with your beloved pooch! Set practical goals for you and your dog to achieve together. Whether it’s to enroll in obedience or agility training, taking daily walks, or finding new adventures to hike. You’ll be more likely to stick with the goal if your best bud is involved to remind you.

6. Smooch Your Pooch at Midnight

The New Year’s kissing tradition is supposed to determine if your year will be filled with luck and love. So, who better to share a kiss with than your most loyal companion? You might even get some spontaneous extra licks if you’re lucky!

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