Holiday Foods You Can Feed Your Dog

We’re in the heart of the holiday season, and that means more dinners and meals with the ones we love, including our pups! While you’re chowing down, your pooch may give you third-degree puppy-dog eyes, so it’s good to know what holiday foods are canine-friendly and what keep away from them. You should check with your veterinarian about what foods are okay for your specific dog, but here are some suggestions on pet-friendly holiday grub. read more

5 Steps to Leash Training Your Dog

When we see a well-behaved dog walking on a leash, we might not think of it as anything special. But it’s a skill that takes some time for both puppy and parent to learn. With a little bit of patience and calm direction, you can have your dog behaving on a leash and following your lead. Here are some steps to make leash training easier. read more

Can Dogs Help Us Live Longer?

There’s no question that parenting a pooch can be rewarding. Now there’s proof that having a dog rewards people with longer, healthier lives. For instance, the American Heart Association has declared that having a dog lowers a person’s risk of heart disease even more than having cats. Another study has shown that older people with dogs have boosted neural activity compared to those without pets. Here are some of the ways a furry friend can help you live a healthier life. read more

Ten Reasons Why French Bulldogs Are The Cutest

French bulldogs are quickly becoming one of the most popular dogs in America. Last year, Frenchies were named the #6 most popular dog in the States, right behind Beagles! But there’s a good reason for their popularity–French bulldogs are fun, easy-going companion dogs that win almost anyone over with their good nature and adorable looks. Here are some facts you should know about Frenchies! read more