A Few Questions with Our Puppy Experts: Part 1

We talked with two of our puppy experts, Louise and Ryan, to find out what people should expect when getting a pup through My Little Puppy. Here’s Part 1 of our chat on My Little Puppy’s location and the company’s dedication to responsible breeding.

1. Thanks for sitting down with us, Louise and Ryan. So, where is My Little Puppy located, and where are the puppies?

Louise: Our office is located in Joplin, Missouri, but our puppies and their families are located all over the USA. We’re in constant contact with these families, and make trips to visit when we can. All of our pups stay with their families until they are ready for a new home.

2. What kind of breeders do you work with? Are these puppy mills?

Louise: First and foremost, we never work with puppy mills. Everyone we work with has gone through background checks. Our USDA licensed breeders are inspected once a year, and we make sure to personally visit our hobby breeders and get regularly updated photos of the puppies’ homes. We maintain close relationships with all of our puppies’ families to guarantee they’re given the best of care.

3. Every puppy comes with a guarantee. Can you explain what it is?

Ryan: All of our puppies have a 5-year health guarantee that covers congenital/hereditary conditions.  What makes our guarantee different than others is that we cover the treatment cost for the puppy you’ve received.  We want to help you treat the puppy you know and love, not just tell you we’ll send a new one.  Our guarantee also covers illness in the first 7 days after arrival.  Again, it is the treatment that is covered, so your new puppy will be healthy and playful in no time if they do become ill.  The complete guarantee, along with conditions and exclusions, appear on the website for our customers to review at any time.

Louise: We also coach new owners on the best way to take care of their pup, and recommend giving them 16 weeks away from other dogs to make sure they’re up-to-date on vaccinations and check-ups. Knowing our puppies are healthy is everything to us.

Check in later for Part 2 of our conversation with Louise and Ryan where we talk about the service you can expect from My Little Puppy. 

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