7 Ways to Enjoy Spring with Your Dog

Spring is back! Time to enjoy the nice weather, green trees, and fresh air with your favorite pup! Here are some fun ways you and your dog can get the most fun out of the season.

1. Buddies Work Out

Spring is a great time for you and your dog to exercise together. If your dog is super active, go for a run. Try out dog yoga at home, or even a canine-friendly bootcamp! Get creative with your workouts and include a partner that ready to go… your dog!

2. Go Camping

Finally, some weather to pitch a tent and enjoy the outdoors. Check online for dog-friendly campsites near your area. Make sure to keep your pup on a leash, be mindful of other campers, and pack food and water for your favorite pooch.

3. Road Trip!

What dog doesn’t like a car ride? Head to a beach, a lake, the mountains or countryside, and let your pup take in new sights and sounds. Or even hit the road and explore different states! Before heading out, look into dog-friendly areas and pack a little cooler with food and plenty of water for both of you.

4. Doggy Dates

It’s time to step out of hibernation and contact your other four-legged pals. Set puppy playdates with old friends and schedule meet-ups with your local dog park buddies.

5. Hit the Hiking Trail

Guys, it’s spring. Of course, you need to go hiking! Check out the blossoms and fresh leaves and get some sun. All the new sights and smells will have your pup loving life. Remember to check in with your dog on the trail. Don’t try anything too strenuous, and pack water for the both of you; dogs can overheat on the trail if you’re not careful.

6. Start (or Restart) Training

Just like us, some dogs can use a little brush-up on their training. The spring and summer months tend to have lots of class activity for dogs. Check online or even at your local community center for dog-centric learning.

7. Water Fight!

Once it starts to heat up, a sprinkler is a dog’s best friend. It’s a great way to end a hike or just cool down on a hot day. There are even dog pools you can find that fit your pup! 

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