7 Reasons Why German Shepherd Dogs are the Greatest

German Shepherd Dogs are some of the most popular dog breeds, and there are plenty of reasons why these guys are so well known. These pups are famous for their intelligence, agility, work ethic, and loyalty to their family. Here are some other examples of why German Shepherd Dogs are so loved.

1. German Shepherd Dogs are the Original Service Dog!

Back in the 1920’s, a German Shepherd Dog (GSD) named Buddy became the first seeing-eye dog in America, helping a man named Morris Frank. Buddy helped Morris reclaim his independence, and inspired Morris to start the first guide-dog training school in America, The Seeing Eye.

Here’s a statue honoring Frank and Buddy’s friendship in Morristown, NJ.  Photo by Kritzolina

2. They Love to Work

GSD’s are some of the smartest dogs out there, but they also love having a job! That’s why you see so many of them in services like search and rescue, K-9 units, and, of course, herding! Want to make your GSD happy? Give them something to do!

3. They’re a Boxer’s Best Friend!

Former Heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman famously loves German Shepherd Dogs. He told the Wall Street Journal back in 2012, “There was a period of time, especially in my first career, when that’s the only one who would work out with me: my dogs. As you get better and better working out, there’s no one who can keep up with you running.”

Photo by Associated Press

4. They Love to Play

Having fun can be a German Shepherd’s job, too! They love any activity, like frisbee, running, obedience classes, agility courses… you name it. The more GSD gets to use its mind and body, the happier it will be.

5. GSD’s are Winners!

In last year’s Westminster Dog Show, a 5-year-old named Rumor took the top dog prize. Nearly 2,800 dogs competed in the event this year. Rumor even came in second place at the famous dog show the year before. I guess she was determined to take home the win!

Here’s Rumor in action:

6. GSD’s are Pretty Hilarious!

You know all of those random dogs that can say stuff like “hello” and “I love you?” Yeah, most of them are German Shepherds. Get a load of these adorably goofy pups right here:

And they can sing! This one does a great Freddie Mercury:

7. Most of All, They’re so Lovable

Lovable German Shepherd
Lovable German Shepherd

Find some of the cutest GSD pups here!

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