6 Videos of Kids and Pugs That Will Melt Your Heart!

Pugs are awesome dogs. All dogs are great and turn into your best friend, but pugs are four-legged versions of your playful, fun-loving pal that likes to joke around and relax. They’re ridiculously cute, compact in size, play well with other dogs and cats, and they love kids! Here are some of our favorite videos of pugs just being cool with their kid pals. Get ready for some ridiculous cuteness.  

1. Pug-ception!

This video is mindblowing. Not only is this kid towing a train of two toy trucks behind him, he’s got four of his pug friends to hop on, and even has a pup in his bike basket! There are pugs everywhere in this video, and we want them all!  


2. Baby Louie, The Pug Whisperer

Little Louie is one lucky kid. He gets to share the house with four pug pups that adore him. These little guys love to follow Louie around the house and smother him with kisses.


3. Pug Alarm Clock

Nobody likes waking up in the morning, but it’s a lot easier when the alarm clock is Jack the pug! Kudos to Jack for making mornings a little better for his brother.


4. John Deere Pug

Maybe pugs have a thing for getting towed because here’s another video of a boy towing his pet pug around the yard, and loving it.


5. Pug Kisses

What is it with kids and pugs? They’re made for each other! Just look at this little guy giving his pug friend Gabby kisses. Our hearts just exploded with all the feelz.


6. Puggin Around in an Escalade

Pugs like the simple life. They’re not big on exerting too much energy, but they do like to roll in comfort– like in an Escalade! Check out this pug and his best bro rolling down the road in their sweet Caddy. Pugg Life!  

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