The Puppy Experts: Pricing, Specific Breeds and Puppy Advice

This is Part 3 of our chat with Louise and Ryan, our puppy experts. They talk about pricing of our puppies, how they can help find a specific breed and being there for puppy advice.


1. Let’s talk about pricing. What does the cost include for someone?

Louise: You’re getting a happy, healthy puppy that is up-to-date on all vaccines and deworming, and lifetime support from us at My Little Puppy.

Ryan: It also includes the cost of pet-safe transportation for your pup and the American Kennel Club Puppy Protection Package. That includes AKC registration for your dog, a pet insurance trial plan, enrollment in their lost pet recovery network, and a complimentary visit to a veterinary practice in the AKC network among other benefits.

2. Are there financing options? How does a person find out about those?

Ryan: We have a variety of financing options. All of them require a standard application and credit check, but we can help find one that works for you.

Looking for a Specific Breed

3. The breed I want is unavailable? What should I do?

Louise: Our puppies come from a select group of families, so we don’t always have an inventory on every puppy breed. We can reach out to our network of families and see if there are any upcoming puppies that may soon be available for your family.

Ryan: We also have a notification feature. You just give us your name, address, and phone number, and we’ll let you know when the specific breed you’re looking for becomes available.

Puppy Advice

4. If I have questions, who can I talk to for puppy advice? Can I talk to you?

Ryan: You can always use us as a resource, and we’re happy to help if you ever have questions regarding your puppy. We’ll pass along any advice that can help.

5. What’s your favorite part of working with My Little Puppy?

Louise: I love visiting the families that raise our puppies around the country. It means I’m traveling a lot, but it’s so rewarding and I love talking puppies all day.

Ryan: Helping a family find the perfect pup. They get a new addition to the family, and our puppies find a loving home. It’s a great feeling.

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